Cervical Health

Nov 26, 2018 | Uncategorized

National Cervical Cancer Awareness Week has just passed. It is an excellent time to check in with yourself and identify when your last cervical screen was. This is a vital part of our cervical wellness, as women. If you can’t remember when your last one was, book it in today.

Our cervix is an extension of our womb. It is the lower, narrower part of the womb, with two openings; the opening into the womb is called the internal os and the opening into the vagina is called the external os.  The lower part of the cervix, known as the vaginal part, bulges into the top of the vagina. In Western medicine, this is the part of our cervix that is screened to check for healthy or unhealthy cells. Precancerous cells can and do form here. I believe that with any health issue, there is a physical manifestation with an emotional root cause.

In working with woman to help them heal their wombs and reconnect them to their womb wisdom, I know that a lot of manifestations of disharmony in the womb/ cervix/ vagina stem from a disconnect between the woman and her body. She is no longer anchored in her body, rather she is living in her headspace, and not grounded.

The cervix is a sacred bridge between the inner world of a woman’s body and the outer world of our physical reality. For the Mumma’s who deliver their babies vaginally, it provides precious passage for them to arrive Earthside. When we experience issues with our cervix, it is our bodies’ way of communicating with us, it reaches out to us to remind us that our cervix needs as much love, attention, connection as the rest of our bodies. Disharmony or dysfunction with our cervix can mean that we need to anchor back in to our bodies, create self care practices that help us become re-grounded in our bodies, to arrive at home in our bodies, to cherish, love and nurture them. Our cervix, being the sacred bridge between two worlds, the inner and outer, can communicate with us if this balance is out of order. It is a reminder that we live in the external world in our bodies, yet to stay in balance, we need to also tune in and stay connected with out hearts, wombs and spirit.

A simple self care practice you can do to start to connect with your cervix is touch it. Have you ever touched your cervix? It can feel and sit differently at different times of our cycles. Get familiar with what your cervix feels like, where it sits, how it sits. Connecting to it with touch and intention is a wonderful way to get familiar and comfortable with our beautiful bodies and femininity.

Western medicine practices are SO important and cervical screening should NEVER be ignored. But alongside the check ups and sterile environments of Dr’s rooms, should be loving connection with our cervix, as part of an all encompassing self love practice of ongoing love and connection with our bodies.

Written by our lovely Kimberley Peters! Kimberley has immersed herself in health, nutrition, fitness and wellness for more than 15 years. Experiencing personal challenges with body image issues from an early age, Kimberley dove into learning about how to live a healthy lifestyle, breakthrough unhealthy patterns of yo-yo dieting, improve her body confidence and live a vitalistic, thriving life.

This path led her to study a Diploma in Fitness which opened the door to a thriving career as a Health Coach/ Personal Trainer where she established her own company and created fitness and wellness programs, working with hundreds of people helping them become their healthiest. Kimberley has also worked with large corporate companies creating workplace health programs, has published articles in some of Australia’s leading fitness/ wellness magazines and created and hosted wellbeing retreats in Seminyak, Bali.

Feeling the call to serve people from a much more powerful platform, Kimberley recently returned to study and is currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Health Science – Traditional Chinese Medicine degree, specialising in acupuncture and herbal medicine. Experiencing the power of TCM from regular treatment since her early 20’s, Kimberley is so excited to learn this beautiful, ancient Eastern medicine and knows it will allow her to help people and impact their lives in a dynamic way. Kimberley is passionate about supporting people on their health journeys using natural medicine and teaching them that their bodies have an innate intelligence that can heal itself.

Kimberley is now diving in even deeper to walk with women and support them along their fertility and health journeys, offering the beautiful modality, fertility and women’s health massage. This is an ancient style of massage blending a nurturing combination of physical, emotional and spiritual techniques to ready your body for conception. A deeply healing and non-invasive therapy, it can help with circulation, hormone balance, womb alignment and scar tissue release. The treatment gently addresses any anxiety arising as a result of your fertility journey, or any trauma, grief or loss you have experienced in the past. This style of massage is also suitable to treat PCOS, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, tilted uterus, painful or heavy bleeds, clotting, irregular cycles, constipation, IBS, Crohn’s or Celiac, as well as generally improving the function of the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. It also offers a release of trauma such as abuse, rape, broken pelvis/sacrum/coccyx, abdominal surgery of any kind, difficult birth, miscarriage or termination.