Heavenly Chi – Sea of Red

There is quite often a tendency in the West to separate ourselves from nature. This goes for some farming practices, the ways in which we eat, and also in the way we view our bodies – this peculiar idea that bodily functions are things that occur TO us, rather than being a part of us. [...]

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World Health Day…what are we missing from our idea of HEALTH?

April 7th was World Health Day. Health receives an entire day universally named for the entire world to experience HEALTH. Which got me thinking…every single person in this world has their own special idea of what health is. Their own experience of health. Their own filter through which they view health. Some may think health [...]

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Women We Love: Andie Pineda

At Angea, it is a privilege to connect with so many amazing women every single day. The Women We Love column is a place where we champion women in our community who inspire and raise the bar. To kick off the series, we sat with Andie Pineda, founder of Vinny, epic yogi, and also a [...]

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Community Acupuncture

This month Angea welcomes Gwen to the team. Gwen is an experienced acupuncturist with over 15 years experience. To celebrate, we're offering $80 community acupuncture appointments with Gwen on March. Spaces are limited and bookings are essential.

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Empowered In Endo Package

March is Endometriosis Awareness month so we've created the Empowered In Endo package to support our endo sisters. The package includes 1 hour acupuncture, an ENDO BLEND by Angea Herbals and an Evening Primrose Supplement. The pack is worth over $250 and we're offering 10 of these packages for just $199. Offer ends 31 March, [...]

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Why these 5 foods are an Endo-warrior’s best friend

Endometriosis is a condition that affects one in ten Australian women, and a condition we treat almost daily in clinic. In fact, at Angea, 35% of our patients have endo! This is an alarming number of women and until recently, it has been a silent condition that often lays undiagnosed for years. Symptoms of endometriosis [...]

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50% off for your partner in February*

Book one treatment and receive 50% off the same treatment for your partner* It takes two to tango so to celebrate the month of cupid we're offering you (and your partner) an amazing offer. For the month of February, book an appointment for yourself at Angea and your partner will receive 50% off the same [...]

February 6, 2019|
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Five natural ways to have you shouting S – E – X  

Whether you agree with the holiday or not, we’re big suckers for a bit of good old fashioned love making. So to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing our favourite five natural herbs, foods and supplements to get you firing in the bedroom. There are so many different reasons you may or may not be having [...]

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Cultivating Intimacy with Self

As the calendar flicks over to the month of February, a lot of us associate this month with Valentine’s Day, the day of cupid and all things love and romance. At Angea, we are all for love and romance! However, as always, we love to dive in deeper. Our word of the month is intimacy. [...]

Postnatal Depletion

The meaning of the term Postnatal Depletion sounds pretty straightforward. In some ways it is. It means depletion of the mother in the postnatal period. The problem though is that most people are unaware of what the postnatal period actually is, limiting it to the year or so after the birth of the child. Many [...]