Understanding ovulation

As a woman, one of the most empowering things you can do is understand how your body functions. The more you know about ovulation, the more you’ll understand how your own body works to empower your fertility potential. Below are the most common questions I’m asked.   Q. Is it possible to ovulate twice in [...]

August 16, 2018|

Unlocking your fertility potential

You’ve decided you’re ready for a baby. Congratulations! We know how exciting this time can be. Yet we also know that attempting to make an entirely new human can be emotional, tough and frustrating. While you can't always control the fertility process, there are many things you can do to increase your chances of conceiving, [...]

Cutting the Crap with Natural & Sustainable Hair Salon, BOB

The average woman uses 12 personal care products a day, containing around 168 different chemicals, and whilst as a society we are increasingly making better informed decisions on our consumption with both health and sustainability in mind, our hair products are often the last on the list. In a surprisingly unaccountable industry, Bob - a [...]

July 29, 2018|

How to Manifest your way through the Full Moon

Out of all the Moons you have seen circle within your time here on Mother Earth, July’s Blood Moon & Total Luna Eclipse is going to be the fiercest, being super charged by the longest Lunar Eclipse this century. The Blood Moon & Total Luna Eclipse is so strong you will feel it infiltrate deep [...]

July 27, 2018|

Let’s talk about Pain

When we talk about pain here in clinic we are usually talking about menstrual pain. Given that it is National Pain Week from Monday 23rd July, we are devoting this blog to the total pain in the you-know-where that is dysmenorrhea, more commonly known as painful periods. For some women this is just a mild [...]

July 22, 2018|

Restoring your energy this Winter

Here we are in the thick of Winter. This time of year is what we call in Chinese medicine the “Yin” time of year.   What is yin? The qualities of yin energy are soft, slow, flow, create, inwards, reflective, cool, feminine, reserve, conserve, rest, digest.   Winter is the perfect time to embrace this [...]

Sugar sugar sugar

Most of us don’t really consciously think about Diabetes. However the way that the Western diet has developed following the rise of agriculture really has many of us moving steadily in that direction.   Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic health condition in Australia. Almost 5% of all Australians already have Diabetes, and that number [...]

Food and Fertility

Wherever you are at in your fertility journey, it is really important that you take a really good look at your diet. Thankfully, most medical professionals at least now recommend supplemental nutrients (for example folate or iron), however most of them do not talk about the intricacies of nutrition, which is why so many women [...]

How the Moon Affects Our Menstrual Cycles

A lot of us know about the moon phases. We can see when the moon is new, when it is full, and the fluctuations inbetween the two. We have watched this infinite dance the moon performs for us each and every month, for years. However many of us are unaware that this moon cycle that [...]

Self-Sabotage – Why do we do it and how can we move beyond it?

This is one of the most common blocks women come to us with…and we’ve totally been there but just like our clients, we’ve now got the tools necessary to move beyond the pattern…  You see it all starts with bringing awareness to the “why” because until we get clear on why it is we do what we [...]