‘Restore Factory Settings’

The art of reconnection for improved mental health.  Every day, on multiple layers and levels, we are connecting. We connect with our loved ones, our colleagues, our barista, the shop attendant, the people we smile and give a nod to as we pass them by, the car we give way to and perhaps the person [...]

Spring Wellness

Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old medical system that translates to the science/knowledge of life. It is a modality deep rooted in the ancient philosophy that we are seasonal and cyclical beings composed of the natural elements. In order to create more harmony and balance in our minds and bodies for overall well-being Ayurveda recommends living according [...]

The Magic of our Menstrual Blood

Each month our body undergoes a process of building a lining in preparation for the possibility of implantation and pregnancy. This isn’t a flaw design of our human body. In fact, our reptilian brain and body was designed for the purposes of procreation. Our blood line is our connection to our lineage and matriarchal line. [...]

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Women We Love: Tina Tainui

*Image credit lululemon  Tina Tainui is a woman not easily summed up in a bio. She is a yogi, business woman, creative, artist, and, so fortunately for us at Angea, a dear friend. When we launched our monthly Women We Love series, we immediately knew Tina needed to be featured. Her business, Mudd Sculpting, has operated across the [...]

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Living with the Seasons: Winter Edition

In Chinese culture, living with the seasons is a concept that is integrated into daily life. In fact, it is not only Chinese culture that promotes a symbiotic approach with nature, Australia’s indigenous people and India’s ayurvedic traditions both understand the benefits of living in mother nature’s tune. There’s an inherent wisdom that lies in [...]

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My Birth Story: Natasha Mason

The beauty of birth – my birth story. This post originally appeared on the Nourish Melbourne blog and is written by NM's Founder and Director, Natasha Mason. We honour Natasha's birth story  Before I tell you my story, I want to honour you. I want to honour you for choosing to read my story. Whether you [...]

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Women We love: Jaimye Waters

“Women are going to form a chain, a greater sisterhood than the world has ever known.” – Nellie L. McClung The sisterhood. When you feel understood, appreciated and empowered. At Angea we feel a part of a sisterhood like no other, we support, nourish and love on each other.  This month of Women We Love, [...]

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Heavenly Chi – Sea of Red

There is quite often a tendency in the West to separate ourselves from nature. This goes for some farming practices, the ways in which we eat, and also in the way we view our bodies – this peculiar idea that bodily functions are things that occur TO us, rather than being a part of us. [...]

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World Health Day…what are we missing from our idea of HEALTH?

April 7th was World Health Day. Health receives an entire day universally named for the entire world to experience HEALTH. Which got me thinking…every single person in this world has their own special idea of what health is. Their own experience of health. Their own filter through which they view health. Some may think health [...]

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Women We Love: Andie Pineda

At Angea, it is a privilege to connect with so many amazing women every single day. The Women We Love column is a place where we champion women in our community who inspire and raise the bar. To kick off the series, we sat with Andie Pineda, founder of Vinny, epic yogi, and also a [...]

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