Want to know how you can better your health and wellbeing while working? We asked our friends at TWOSIX Wellness, the holistic health and workplace wellbeing experts, to share their tips on simple ways we can all add more wellbeing to our workday. We’ll let them take it from here:

5 Ways to Better Your Health and Wellbeing at Work:

1.  Take Ownership – It’s our responsibility, and our responsibility alone to take ownership of our health and wellbeing. If we frequently find excuses to avoid looking after our vessel, the only one who will suffer is you.

2.  Eat Well – Health starts at an intimate level, with your food choices. When at your desk, put away the sugary foods, instead reach for some healthy alternatives such as raw nuts, fresh fruit and vegetable sticks. Our food choices are the number one cause of diabetes, cancer, and other diseases including depression and anxiety. It is important to make choices that fuel the body not limit its ability to perform at its best. Remember it’s not ok to feel tired and sluggish all day.

3. Move the Body – Simply start with tiny bouts of standing, stretching and walking. Make a conscious daily choice to walk up those stairs over taking the lift, walk to your workmates desk, and walk to meetings instead of taking a taxi. Everyday find small ways to get the blood and oxygen moving through the body. The truth is that by simply standing more frequently throughout the day, your overall health will notably change- by improving the body’s metabolism.

4. Have a little you time – Take short ‘you’ breaks throughout your dayFind a space within the office that allows you to be alone for a moment. It’s an important tool to find pause in the middle of a crazy day. Switching our attention away from our work gives a different part of our brain the opportunity to step in and problem solve. The hardest part is defeating the guilt that appears when you stop doing and just sit.

5. Breathe – Oxygen is the most fundamental nutrient for your body. It fuels our brain, nerves, glands and internal organs. If we don’t get the proper supply of this vital nutrient it will result in slow damage to your vital organs. Breathing is not only vital but is equally calming and taking that deep breath when stressed is the most inexpensive and helpful way to calm the mind and body and bring focus within.

Wellness in body, mind and soul encompasses a complete lifestyle change. Start by making the right mental adjustment through small changes. In a short time you will feel the difference in your work-life.

More about TWOSIX Wellness: 

TWOSIX Wellness are holistic health and workplace wellbeing experts. Co-founded by friends Bree and Emma in Melbourne, TWOSIX Wellness offer everything from workplace wellbeing programmes to an online hub bursting with information and inspiration on all things health. Having come from over 10 years in a corporate environment both Emma and Bree are passionate about changing the culture of work in Australia, ensuring that wellness is a sustainable practice inside of all workplaces. They offer everything from weekly classes to monthly wellness workshops and programs, to one off people and wellbeing days and everything else inbetween. All sessions have a emphasis on stress management, wellbeing and creating a sustainable work-life balance. Bree and Emma have worked with corporates across Australia to create programmes that empower staff to lead a consciously healthier life in and outside of the office. They believe that with a healthy body and healthy mind, staff will be more motivated personally and professionally to be the best versions of themselves. To find out more head to twosixwellness.com.au.