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50% off for your partner in February*

Book one treatment and receive 50% off the same treatment for your partner* It takes two to tango so to celebrate the month of cupid we're offering you (and your partner) an amazing offer. For the month of February, book an appointment for yourself at Angea and your partner will receive 50% off the same [...]

February 6, 2019|
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Five natural ways to have you shouting S – E – X  

Whether you agree with the holiday or not, we’re big suckers for a bit of good old fashioned love making. So to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing our favourite five natural herbs, foods and supplements to get you firing in the bedroom. There are so many different reasons you may or may not be having [...]

February 6, 2019|

Living with the Seasons: Summer Edition

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda are two modalities deep rooted in the ancient philosophy that we are seasonal and cyclical beings composed of the natural elements. In order to create more harmony and balance in our minds and bodies for overall well-being TCM and Ayurveda recommend living according to the seasons including our diet, lifestyle [...]

January 17, 2019|
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Balance in our modern life is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. We are living a more accelerated and fast paced life in the pursuit to “have it all”.  From the boardroom to the kitchen, in between juggling being superhuman, mother, wife, partner and lover there is an unwavering truth we are paying the price for [...]

Try These Three Prenatal Yoga Poses For An Active Birth

These prenatal yoga poses will work wonders for your mind and body during pregnancy, as will practicing yoga on a regular basis, the techniques that we learn on the mat can help assist in having an active birth. It’s also an effective way to exercise during your entire pregnancy. It helps maintain flexibility, alleviates aches and [...]

October 10, 2016|Tags: , , , |

How To Improve Men’s Sperm and Fertility Through Diet and Lifestyle

Sperm. It's not something that we usually talk about over the dinner table, but perhaps we should. As women we so often look to ourselves when it comes to infertility, but the truth is male infertility is on the rise, and the quality of their sperm is on the decline. Fortunately, there's a lot to [...]

September 12, 2016|Tags: , , |

Increase Your Fertility Naturally With These Tea’s

This month at Angea we're talking all things herbal. From teas to chocolates there's a number of ways you can integrate natures healing herbs into your day. Tea is one of our favourite ways to enjoy the benefits of Chinese Medicine.  For those of you focusing on fertility, we recommend adding our fertility teas into your [...]

August 15, 2016|Tags: , , , |

Angea Interview Series: Irene Ais

Our Angea community is a big one! We have the pleasure of working with and along side some of Melbourne's best health and wellness practitioners and we'd like to take a moment to profile the great work that they are doing. For this months spotlight interview series we'd like to introduce you to Irene Ais. [...]

July 29, 2016|Tags: , , , |

5 Yoga Poses To Help Reduce Stress

Yoga is our go to stress relief tool. We've put together 5 yoga poses to help reduce stress in your life. Did you know? Stress is natural response in our body and can have either a positive or negative impact on our wellbeing. For many of us today, we are affected by stress on a [...]

July 6, 2016|Tags: , , |

20 Winter Wellness Boosters to help embrace the season and skip the sick!

In the Weekend Age Health Beauty Life I share 20 Winter Wellness Boosters to help embrace the season and skip the sick! Download the article here Below you can find foods that are in season to help support your Health and Wellness through the colder months:

June 29, 2016|Tags: , , |