We know how tough the Two Week Wait (2WW)  period can be. It can feel like your life is literally on hold and your mind is working overtime. This creates a real sense of unease and anxiousness. To help combat these feelings and give your mind a break, who better to speak to than Jess from a Path to Birth. Jess has some great tips to help you get through the Two Week Wait (2WW).

Tips for the Two Week Wait!

Is the two-week wait something that you look forward to or dread? Or both??

During my own time trying to conceive (TTC) and from the many and varied interactions I’ve had with other women from all walks of life who are also TTC I’ve found that the 2WW is the time that seems to drive us all the most insane!

When I first started TTC as time ticked by with no baby I became a symptom spotter….it was bordering on obsessive.

I felt a tweak – was that a good sign…or a bad sign??

A spot of blood…was that implantation bleeding….or was it all over??

My back hurts….pregnancy symptom…or period pain??

Dr Google became my best frenemy. I was dropping a lot of time and money being a card-carrying member of the POAS (Pee-On-A-Stick) club.

Until I realized, it wasn’t helping me. In fact it was doing the opposite. It was stressing me out.

My approach to the TWW was giving me tunnel vision. It was putting strain on my life outside of TTC – my relationship, friendships, work…and most importantly my happiness!

I would disappear down this rabbit hole every month only to emerge devastated, then launch into two weeks of ‘baby making mode’ and back down the rabbit hole again.

Something had to give or else I wouldn’t survive this emotional rollercoaster in one piece.

So I made some changes!

These changes have honestly been some of the most useful tools in my fertility journey. The 2WW wait for me has been transformed from a time of anxiety, stress and obsession to something that is exciting, peaceful, fun and emotionally stable.

I wanted to share with you my experience and what worked for me in hope these tips are helpful for you too!

How I Survive The Two-Week Wait:

I shift my perspective – I decided that I would take Pregnant-Until–Confirmed-Otherwise (PUCO) seriously. This was a time of joy! This is two weeks where no-one could tell me I wasn’t pregnant! Rather than looking for reasons why I may or may not be I just assume I am and enjoy it!

Meditation & Affirmations – I dedicate time each day to focusing on my body, my baby and positive visualizations about how I want things to be. I find spending this time at the start of the day puts my mindset where I need it to be so I can just get on with the day!

Ditch Dr Google and Symptom Checking – It was hard but I stopped reading into things. We can make anything mean anything we want it to so I chose to make it mean neither pregnant nor not pregnant. The only pregnancy symptom I was accepting was missing my period…or not.

Say Goodbye to the POAS Club – As much as we might not like it, it is a 2WW. Early testing caused me many a heartache, (is there a line, is it getting darker??). Once I accepted that I needed to let early testing go, it was liberating. It lets me stay in the magical land of PUCO a little while longer…

Have a Hobby – one that can be done at all phases of your cycle, all year round, several times a week. Make it something that brings you happiness, which you look forward to doing. This brings certainty, stability and perspective no matter what else is going on. For me it’s Yoga….for you??

Build in Fun & Busy – I pre-book in some low-key activities that I enjoy – date night, movies with a friend, Saturday afternoon with a good book… Things to look forward to (other than a positive pregnancy test!) to break up the time!

We would love to hear what have you found most useful in surviving the 2WW?

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To read more about Jess and her fertility coaching and blog head to www.pathtobirth.com.au